The time is Now.

The Impossible Dream its right in front of you.

Maybe we are focusing on the impossible without appreciating what we have.

When it comes to things what want seems an endless list. Just as one gets off a new one gets in. its this motivation maybe that gets us going to do things.

That’s what I learnt in the NaNoWrMn. Its all about just doing it. When we talk about focus and perfection we are talking about setting ourselves for failure. Once done then we work it our perfection.

I put my sewing machine to rest since I could not finish the project, I put my paints away for the same reason.

Now I just put my timer for the time I want to put aside for the activity and just go ahead and do it. Believe me the sense of achievement is so much.

As for all the Nay Sayers who advocate focus, well that’s their trip.

Whatever you want to do just do it. You will find the time, and energy to do it not only that you will have energy and creativity for more.

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