home base

It's not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown.

Daryl Hannah

What i love about my hometown is the extended sense of family. The very thing I ran away from. Everyone knows everyone. If they do not then they try to.

I grew in the town of Manipal placed at a very pivotal point of rural and cosmopolitan background. The young crowd is floatsham-jetsham crowd of students the residents are faculty at the various colleges.

My ancestors hailed from the rural towns around it. The weekly fair the family gatherings, the rotary or the Ladies club they are all energizing it gives a sense of belonging.

I specially touched when my 10th standard teacher who was Draconian by the teenage standards, came to visit me, she had made my favorite dish specially for me.

It happens only in a small town.

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One Reply to “home base”

  1. haha…so true…sometime when one is emotionally down, one longs to go back there, the old streets, the banyan tree, the tattered villa, the community temple, the dusty lanes, the food bazaar, the manic neighbor…mystic

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