To speak out

The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust. Billings, Josh

Signs of Wisdom

Am I more likely to tell it like it is or hold my tongue?

My instinct is to tell it like it is, unless something is told to me in confidence, and then hold my tongue hell or high seas.

The first twenty years of my life I was notoriously outspoken, generally as subtle as a pole-axe. My attitude was like mother’s menus take it or leave it. It not only gave an image of being a rebel and brash. Every time I went out my mother would request that I be diplomatic.

When I got married my mother told me to hold my tongue and be silent even I wanted to talk because when I did not talk or speak, the only fault one could find was that I did not talk/speak but if I did it could cause all sorts of complication.

So I cultivated the art of keeping quiet, even when I felt I had to say something or I will bust.

I now neither here nor there! Since holding my tongue unless something is confidential is against my instinct I goof up and at unexpected times I blurter the unwanted truth!

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