the war of the milk cooker

Its 2.30pm,
Dr.Chacko has had his lunch and is off for the afternoon clinic. Kids off to their departments for work. Auntie Ruby has just wound up the table and is above to experience that luxury of a housewife a snooze “uhn……..” came a loud hoot!
It was the neighbour’s milk cooker.
The milk cooker war has fuelled enough entertainment for the next two years.
Its 7.30 am,
Kanalpady, all of us are groggy at our family house generally trying to instigate the other to get on the daily chores.
“Uhooo…….n” the hoot, it penetrates the eardrum and creates so much of combusting energy that one is propelled to jump and take action beginning with turning off the MILKCOOKER!
It has jerked us awake from the heavenly state of inane and thoughtless lethargy,
With two teenage daughters I appreciate the potency of the milk cooker whistle. So when Akka decided to wind up Auntie Janaki’s house I asked for milk cooker even willing to put up all the sibling and cousin revelry on it.
At 6.30 am my milk cooker hoots and my daughters shoot up from their bed like someone has hit the eject button.
Spilt milk, burnt vessel bottoms are also forgotten lore’s.
What bliss!

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