Thank God its a friday

Robinson Crusoe was the only one to things done by Friday ~Author Unknown

footprint in the sand

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. Author Unknown

Yet there are somethings I look forward to on a Friday.

Its the day I have given myself to visit the Universal mother at the Ambalpady temple. The sense of being taken care off empowered and energized is one aspect of it. May be seeing the congregration their makes people feel grounded.

Like all religious centers the temple at Ambalpady is also a social center. Where human beings true to their nature gather. I do find it a bit of a paradox despite our herd mentality no matter how much we crave community, the rigors of real life does interfere with our efforts to come togather with like minded individuals.

This congress of likeminded people is essential for our well being. Friday evening are dedicated to that too. An evening with likeminded individuals, it helps us to empathize as a community with similar interests, ideals, or aspirations giving our experieces new dimensions.

Our Friday event is idea driven so the community compromises of women of different ethnic background. Unlike Toastmasters of which i am a part too where our diversity is our professional lineage.

I like this quote on Friday– Friday should be a day that means you are nearing the end of a satisfying week and look forward to the weekend as simply a time to enjoy other activities but not as a method of mental escape. Byron Pulsifer

That is another thing Friday heralds, on Sunday I have a different routine.

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2 Replies to “Thank God its a friday”

  1. Friday for me brings smile back after a hectic week at office. Normally I stay awake through the night and enjoy early morning walk on Saturday. Have a good breakfast and then a short nap.

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