The moody weatherman

Weather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella. ~Terri Guillemets


“Moods, are the clutter-declutter pattern of us created by our harmones, experiences, anticipatory response and even the weather.

We tend to have feel energtic with the raising sun and our energy level goes down during the day, we collect and give out astral-emotional energies and even absorb some.

Think of the humidity, or hormones as fecilitators of a chemical energy that brings about a mood. And mood decides whether you smile or cry that particular moment and we decide our mood! Sounds great does it not?

Moods and mood swings can be controlled independent of the psychiatrist and his couch.

The hindu tradition insists on the daily sweeping of the front and back yard. Comming to think of it is like preparing for physical-mental- emotional new energy, by getting rid of the old.

It clears the clutter off and lets new energy to enter, create and let its residue. Forget about a vaccum cleaner a good broom is the best mood creator, it can create a great variety right from anger to frustration to sheer relaxation.

it is about cleansing astral residue and allowing you to experience the mood. Of course the choice as sylvia Plath mentions in her the unbridged journals of sylvia path is mine or yours—i have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or can go mad by riocheting in between.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating there is no thing such as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather ~John Ruskin.

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