A magazine that I would like to edit.

Broadcasters are storytellers, Newspaper guys are fact finders and organizers of information news magazines are kind of hybrid of both.
With dictum in mind if there was one magazine that I would like to edit if given a chance, is an Indian magazine called ‘Woman’s Era” a magazine that I have been reading since the age of 13 with the sincere hope that they would come up with a new idea or a new story. But looks like it is mission impossible.
How would I edit it?
1. Read and re-read the articles to see if it makes sense and blends with my theme.
2. Ensure the articles have a decent beginning and conclusion and a relevant flow.(the ten steps of the toastmasters competent communicator would be good reference.)
3. A date with Messieurs Wren &Martins, a grammar,vocabulary,and spell check.
4. Word count
5. Fact check
6. Run through with copy editor
7. coordinate with layout and publishing section.
Publish and be done with it.
The only tools that I would require are.
• Style guides
• Dictionary
• Research tools
What would help
• Shredder
• Coffee maker.
But lets be realistic. 98% of the people who a magazine read the cartoons first– the other 2% are lying. So just let be.

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