the first day of spring.

When winsome westerly winds
caress comely creeping cloves
As bumblebees’ buzz-buzzing and cuckoos’ coo-cooing
resound in huts, in coves, in groves,
In springtime, the sensual season so langorously
long for forlorn lovers,
Krishna strays and plays, my friend,
dancing with young girls.
The poem by the Sanskrit poet Jayadeva, describes Krishna in spring. Spring the king of all seasons, the companion of the God of Love.
Between 20th of March and 22nd of March is the Vernal equinox the official first day of spring. Spring is the nature’s way of saying “lets party!”
Spring represents renewal, rebirth, regrowth, in India Vasantotsav is a much enjoyed festival with colours and frolic. Temperatures between 25-30 degrees. It is winter in the shade and summer in the sunshine. A season of kites and marriages.
Like Virgil.A.Kraft noted”spring shows what god can do with a drab dirty world.”

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