Vote out

I never vote for anyone. I always vote against.
W. C. Fields

Will I vote this year?When did I last vote? asks Plinky
Last Tuesday at the Toastmaster’s to elect the best speaker, evaluator and so on.
But we are talking of the political electoral then its ages since I did vote.
For us in Goa it is not will you vote this year but did you vote this year we had our elections on March 3rd well No I did not.
Well,We vote a person and not the work he does, the promised to do list often varies from the done list. That confuses me when choose candidates to vote for
The popular reasons for not voting are:
• Young adults between 18 and 25 are not registered. If they are they are studying elsewhere.
• Individuals have migrated from their voting area
• The candidates are not persuasive enough to mobilize
• A feeling that any way my vote does not count so why bother?
• Bad weather
• Lack of transport
In my case this elections it was very simple we did not know where our voting booth was, three areas’s disputed over us! Each Panchayat claiming that we fell in their territory for Panchayat elections but when it came to state elections they did not want to claim us, probably since we did not add to their vote bank.
My observation is bad politicians are sent to the capital by good people who do not vote.

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