Do I Believe in fate?– a Plinky Prompt.

Do I believe in fate?
The dictionary says fate is
• Something unavoidable that befalls a person.
• The universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of thins is presumably prescribed. The decreed cause of events.
• Which is inevitably predetermined?
• A prophetic declaration of what must be. Death, destruction or ruins.

Sometimes, yes, it takes the onus of being responsible for my actions off me.
I can imagine the three fates, clothos being called on the ninth month of pregnancy to spin the mystic fabric of destiny. Lecheries measuring the length of my life and Atrophies untangling herself to decide my end. How romantic and how peaceful it sounds. Just drifting along a path.
Yet my Oracle card deals me the mapmaker, it says I have the power to transform my fate to a destiny.
A strong upbringing in Hindu theology makes me believe that I have debts to repay and reclaim, this seem to guide my thought and action pathways, if this is not fate then what is? May be
A God without dominion, providence and final cause is nothing but fate and universe.

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