April Fool

 ImageThe Maple syrup is full of ants

A mouse creeping on the shelf

Is that a spider on your head!?!

I ate the whole pie all by myself

The kitchen sink just overflowed

A flash flood washed away the school.

I threw your blanket into trash

I never lie…I

APRIL FOOL~ Myra Cohn Livingstone.

April fool’s day is the day we remind ourselves what we are the rest of the three sixty-four days,– said Mark Twain. How true.

Though not a national holiday, it is a much-loved one, after all its the only day we can play jokes and hoaxes and get away with it.
I grew up with a foolish tale told that when the Gregorian calendar was adopted the people wished each other Happy New Year on first April out habit and then laughed it off until it became a tradition. But April fool’s day has been a tradition even before that after all the Gregorian calendar was accepted only in 1752.

One belief is that since, in April the sun moves from the sign of the fist, it was called the April fish another name for Le Poisson dávril.  

The biggest myth is that it was to commemorate the Spanish inquisitions victory over Islamic Andalusia, despite the fact that the fall of Granada was in January!

For all you know it could be inspired by the spring fever.

The folk wisdom says

If it thunders on April fool’s day

Expect good crops of corn and hay.


Here is a poem by Anonymous that we learnt.

Small April sobbed, I am going to cry

Please give me a cloud to wipe my eye

The April fool .she laughed instead

And smiled a rainbow ahead.

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