vitriolix strikes

I was in third standard and my brother in the first when my mother did her teacher’s training.
We wondered why my Aunt Janaki who supervised our routine and homework did not go for this training we thought she was more capable than my mother. Then my very practical younger brother said”Janaki dodda knows how to manage kids she need not take a course on it.”
Another such course like that according to Parkinson’s Law is management. He claims the biggest myth of management is that it exists. I don’t know about management, but 97% of the Ms-managers, Ms-leaders, and Ms-chief’s I have seen are great when it comes to optimising their skills and resources to ensure a personal win-win scenario.
One Ms-Chief for want of another name let’s call her Ms.Fernandez, knew how to get her work done, she would royal delegate her tasks to her colleague. Who were so taken up with her flattery, a straight distinction students asking her colleagues for help means it’s not that she is not capable, or she is helpless but it is because she has no other options… smart isn’t it, it’s called having your cake and eating it too. her sons learnt their lessons well from they delegated studies to the studious ones and headed elsewhere.
The Ms-Leader again straight distinction, engineering, MBA from some US University and PhD from the Indian backyard. Let’s call her a generic Ms.Kamat. With lovely dumb blonde looks, and trendy Fab India suits, she got her colleagues to help her through her PhD. Any situation that calls for unpleasantness, she calls up her male colleagues, and then bats an injured look at the offender who sympathizes with her for having such village hicks for colleagues. This technique of trouble shooting is often calling shooting from another’s shoulder.
The third Ms –Manager shall we call her Ms.Reddy despite her BBA-MBA-PhD. Academic Laurels has a very binding Indian upbringing. Her wardrobe still flaunts saris and not the power suits, Fab-India and Westside are undiscovered landmarks. A prehistoric jean resides in her wardrobe for a day out in the beach. The poor lady multitasks, between her kids, husbands, in-laws, work and slumber. Both Ms.Kamat and Ms.Reddy have kids below 5yrs so they can come to work only between 11 am and 4pm. Sunday no way, it’s the family day out, it’s their commitment.
What about the work, well that’s what male colleagues are for never mind they have kids below 5yrs too or that they have a family too. After all their wives are not Ms-leaders they are stupid women who teach at schools or work at hospitals.
It’s so funny when this Ms.Managers will tell you how to organize your life better when they cannot handle basic stuff in their own. They never learn the fundamental rule don’t oversell. If she were to tell me x- is my problem could you help, I would have but the minute she gave options to what she perceived as my hurdles, I wanted to tell baby it’s you hurdle you jump it. I am happy watching you.
Over the past 20yrs I have seen these Ms-whatever’s I can only conclude that the hand that rocks the cradle does not really rock the corporate world it only translates the mother-in-law daughter-in-law war to a larger platform.
Whew with all that acid flushed out good night.

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