money mind

For a traditional I have been brought up by the standard norms, where my relationship with success, money and prosperity is all wonked.

The atharva veda is very clear that poverty and ignorance are sins, so using ones talent to beget income, then develop wealth and manage the wealth well is the duty of every human being.  A definite demarkation is done between being greedy and being wealthy but over the generations this line has blended.

Prosperity is ultimately about living in a balance. Yet it means different thing to different people.

Even the bible does not really glorify poverty.  Read the story of the prodigal son you will understand what I am saying.

what is all this really about? The dictionary says.  To put it down income is the payment recieved for goods, service rendered or on an investment.

Wealth is abundance of valuable material possessions or resources, riches, the state of being rich or affluent, somewhere along the way maybe we are talking about purchase capcity.

In contemporary soceity it is measured in terms owning real estate, paying your mortage, having your own business, and the turnover of the business.

When we sit back and look at the lessons we learnt about money it would probably shock us. It could also be the reason the financial security is a challenge for many of us.

Here are some money beliefs

  • Money is the root of all evil = if you have money you are niether good or spiritual.
  • Money does not grow on trees = having money is struugle it only comes from hard work.
  • A penny saved is a penny earned = you need to hoard your money.
  • Easy come easy go = saving is difficult.
  • We can’t afford it = we are broke.
  • No matter what you earn it is never enough =  you will never get ahead, you are doomed to remain poor.
  • The taxman commeth = the government takes all your earnings.
  • Money makes the world go round. = people with money are powerful, and if you are poor you are weak.
  • Money talks. = to get your way you have to be rich

A little boy asked a millionaire how do i become rich,”why are you not rich already?” the boy was perplexed, the millionaire told him, write it down, see how many are blocks, you can overcome them. Its the excuse thats difficult.


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