Actually I never understood the importance of financial literacy, until quite recently.

Somehow our education system despite talking of compound interest, simple interests, and make us calculate all, it does not educate in the area of finance, in fact we all tend to treat it like a disease.

Working for a salary, and retirement is about as educative as we get. Even many who have their own private business very rarely understand the power of creating wealth.  Many of us with so called high profile college education, and jobs, get conned by our relationship manager at the bank whose goal is his targets. If he changes the bank, then the best options for you are different. Interesting isn’t it.

The first teaser I had was when the Amway_Pest (Aunt-Amy henceforth) came home. And talked of retirement. Somehow they got the concept of retirement wrong, Robert Kiyosaki says retirement is an option for you decide whether you want to work or not,

At this point I am trying to recollect what the Aunt-Amy told, me about DSA.

  • As a customer when you refer another person over whom you have influence the company appreciates you. Sounds too great, flatters people and has them feeling good about themselves.
  • Flexible timing, not really when you look at it at the end of the day, you are bound by others time limitations.
  • Rewards proportionate to efforts, in a job, rewards despite whatever input. And a reward proportionate to efforts is the logic of any business.
  • Personal and professional growth is necessary no matter what you do.
  • Customer receives good care, which is a must in any service providing company.
  • Independence, the risk is also yours. And to truly build a business minimum investments are necessary.

If you are looking at easy earning options and someone has told you this is then please think again.  Yes financial risk is a little less. No doubt.

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