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Dedicating this blog to the dynamite DIVA’s in my life mom Shyla Rao,Aunt Meena Agarwal and my Daughters. Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.”

Maya Angelou

Diva of my own tribe

I’m strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude but I keep it classy.
I am modest and I keep it humble,
but if you hurt me you will stumble.

I’m a hopeless romantic but I keep it real,
because some people have a heart of steel.
I can daydream all the time,
but I know there’s mountains I gotta climb.

I smile when I’m hurt and I laugh out loud,
I love to stand out from the crowd.
I walk with attitude though I’m full of fear,
But strong is what I have to appear.

Because there’s a mighty lot of enemies,
Who’d love to see me fall.
But I stood up after I got smacked down,
when they expected me to crawl.

Oh no, I will raise my head up high,
because being strong doesn’t mean I shouldn’t cry.
I know I deserve the best,
so stupid haters, why don’t you give it a rest?

I know I’m strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude and I keep it classy.
I am modest and I keep it humble,
but if you hurt me you will stumble.

Diva the word of Italian origin means a glamorous and successful female performer or personality.

diva in waiting

Despite the fact the word has donned a negative connotation to create the image of a bratty, self obsessive conceited uppity bitch who insists on having her way or not at all, the noun emerged in 1880-85 inspired as the feminine of divus that meant God, more precisely deity!

So what makes a DIVA?

True Diva’s are not made, they are, they are strong proactive women, carry themselves well a bit of mystery a little elusive.

Being a Diva has nothing to do with age, they could be anywhere from 30 to 70. It is more of a mindset.

When we talk of Diva’s we need to look at the arch type

ImageThe Maidenmantra “I’ll try”—explores the world, giggly, insecure, needs a man, needs validation from others, usually does not have children her dominant emotion is excitement. She is in the process of creating her past.

The Mother:–mantra” I’ll help you”—helps the world, she smiles warmly, nurtures her man, has children if not nurtures targets, accommodating, nurtures everyone, her dominating emotion is worry. She is uneasy with the past.

The Diva—mantra” I’ve done it” laughs, is natural, comfortable with herself, independent, selectively supportive, has mastered her world, very selective of her tribe, discerning. She is driven by faith and confidence in herself. She has reconciled with the past.

ageless diva Kishori Ballal

The crone – mantra “I’ve mastered it”—she is at peace and between worlds, sometimes maybe dependent but is mostly wise. She enjoys company, honours the past, welcomes people in her space , the giggles, smiles, laughter has given way to chuckles, men whatever! She says, she is at peace.

When Nehru was concerned that the Indian women were spending precious foreign currency on cosmetics, he requested JRD Tata to manufacture them. So in 1952 lakme was launched as an Indian brand of cosmetics owned by unilever and run by CEO Himanshu Jain. It was a 100% subsidy of TOMCO,

Lakme- after the French opera of the same name honours the goddess of wealth and beauty. For she in her eight forms defines the ultimate diva. She initiates the maiden into diva-hood by giving her the sixteen pointers, or the shodhasha sringar Making of a Diva in mythology

  • Bracelets and armlets and bangles
  • Anklets  with silver bells that jingle as she moves
  • Toe rings that make her toes appear like petals of a spring flower
  • Gem-studded, tiaras and hairpins to hold her groomed hair in place.
  • Earring to adorn her ears
  • Necklaces or pearls, diamonds and gold to beautify her neck
  • Nose rings to enhance the charm of her face
  • Cummerbunds of pearls, to enhance the narrow waist
  • Sari, with gold embroidery to accentuate her figure yet maintain the shroud of mystery
  • Perfumed paste to anoint her body and smoothen her skin
  • Bright fragrant flowers for her hair
  • Kohl to darken her eyes
  • Betel nuts and lime to create the red lips and fragrant breathe
  • A black beauty spot below her lip to draw her lover’s attention
  • Henna on her feet and palm
  • Red dot on her forehead, symbolising the root of life.
lakshmi in folk art

Be it Aphrodite arising from the ocean or Lakshmi they have heralded the vibrant, independent woman who is the incarnation of power and persona, that who Lakme draws her inspiration from.

The Diva’s in my life:

Not so much my mom as her sister.  Ms.Meena Agarwal an IIT-IIM alumnus to me is the brightest diva, she seems to wear the crown and cape lightly, and home, career she blends it well. The traditional saree and serious glasses are the perfect cover for the fun and adventure person she is.

The wander-women Shyla Rao and Kasturi Nayak

My mother shyla Rao and her friend Dr.Kasturi Nayak, who are 60+ women on wanderlust, currently off to Bangkok on their adventure, diabetes, hypertension not withstanding.

Mrs.Vimala Rao who trekked the Rwandan mountains to date the mountain Gorilla, her only regret was that she did not carry a camera to click the pictures of the mountain gorilla’s beating their chest like Tarzan.(My daughters say, that she is best geography teacher on earth because she brings it alive.)

The 1982 Ms.India Rekha Hande is another Diva, with an infectious smile and quick repartee she has found the balance between a glamorous career hats off to daughter who nurtured her father through his terminal illness, she knew he was going but she said “I’m a soldier’s daughter it’s the battle, not the outcome.”

DIVA’S  routine:

  • morning run, to activate the Agni, and balance the Aakash in us
  • meditate to strenghten your inner space
  • meticulous personal hygiene
  • wash – face-wash Lakme fruit blast
  • tone wipe with a cold ice cube
  • moisturize with Lakme fruit moisturizer
  • come alive with an attitude that only Goddess Lakshmi can bestow, if you need help log on to
  • Eat smart,
  • sleep well

Live Diva-statingly

from one Diva to the other

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