I’ll Drink To That

I'll drink to that

I can’t speak for all mothers but I can tell you what I don’t want for Mother’s Day.

1. The ‘I Heart You’ pendant (or something similar) from the mall jewelry store that I will never wear.  My husband and I made a deal years ago that he would dissuade our kids from ever buying something like this for me.  And I would do the same for him if they every wanted to buy him some ridiculous cartoon or equally stupid novelty tie for Father’s day.

2. Chocolate.  This will go STRAIGHT TO MY ASS PEOPLE!!!  I have been training really hard to have, and keep a good ass.  I don’t need others to sabotage me…I can do that just fine all by myself while I’m PMS-ing.

3. Don’t even think about a puppy.  The kids would think is a great idea because really it’s for them, but you know damn well who will…

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