Obituary to Aarushi

Four years since Aarushi died, no justice for her.

The system failed.

The cops played Inky-Pinkie-porky

She did in death what she could not do in life, become a national muse, many a coffee table talk, media mania.

The child is gone, but unfortunately to rest in peace does not seem to be her lot.

As I mentioned she has become the toast of tea-cup debates, the anti-establishment bait. After all this finger pointing  I’m inviting the self appointed trackers on the net and their brethren the couch potatoes, to sit up and see what can they do to ensure justice prevails.

The information we are reacting to is shear inputs from the media whose aim is to satiate itself.

RTI? – on police procedures?

Judicial follow up?

Citizen’s jury?

Look at all the happening over the month our beucracy is foolproof in its non honouring of either performance or non-performance.  A cricketer earns obscene money, cancer stuck yuvaraj becomes a nations muse, but what about that poor cop who shot down on duty he does not even get a mention on the media.

At the maximum what will we do, NDTV will prance round it, as long as it suits the UPA agenda, some Urban “Social cause enthusiast ”will create a candle light march, Mahesh Bhatt and some equally irresponsible film personality will be interviewed …. and the next Aarushi will be killed,

A power brokers kid will annihilate some one in a drunken brawl or rash driving we let them get away with it, look sunjay dutt or salman khan, so why talk about A. Raja or Laloo, despite all their lawbreaking, their defences are published on a Thursday and their movie runs houseful on Friday, where they depict breaking law and glorifying it.

This can go on ad infinitum,

Coming back to Aarushi, My take however irrelevant is clear, I do not know the facts, nor am I really keen to it, there are things a bit more demanding nearer home.

But if any of you feel strongly, then sit in front of Aarushi’s photograph think carefully what you can do, and commit yourself to doing it, you may be surprised how many things we are unaware of, just because we have not bothered to know, this very ignorance of ours, or apathy is being used knowningly or unknowingly by power players.

  • RTI
  • Can we haul the cops for non performance
  • Can we create a lack of faith in police force
  • Do we have a citizen’s jury
  • Would a Panchayat work?

There are so many ways, talking on the net is talking in the air, if you think something has to be done, don’t except the world and his wife to do it for you pick your backside and get to work, it would mean going neck deep into crap.

Otherwise you are as much part of the problem as I am.

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