Elephants can remember,

Ah! I am only elephantine, and not an elephant.

It was a family get together a cousin of my mother had come down after donkey’s years, okay I’ll cut the excuses I could not recognize her. How many times have we been there and paid the price for it?

When it is a name it is an embarrassment, but if it is an appointment then a whole future plan gets altered, if it is a commitment then the integrity is compromised. Well as I confessed I had been there, I am a workaholic, I mean it I react to work like an alcoholic reacts to alcohol phases of denial, then bingeing. So I had cycles of disorganization so broken appointments or I was over scheduled again broken appointments.

Somewhere along the way I figured I had did not believe my own words. So how the hell would someone else, I could not remember my commitments that do not mean the other person will forget or forgive the lapse.

I had to overcome this memory issue. Well one confession I have to make is I took the help of a colleague and we figured that my memory drive was over full refused to take in anymore. I had to do a lot of work, here’s my regime you can try it out and share the results.

Let’s assume that our memory is a bank where deposit information and retrieve it when necessary. The deposits are free and work 24/7 but retrieval protocol is messy, the authentication is also not authentic, the stay in the storeroom would have cause passive modification to accommodate more stuff. So what do we do?

Lets first and foremost get us a handsome/beautiful banker, mine is Jerry Pinto the writer-poet he makes me laugh, ask my daughters that is a formidable achievement.

Let’s decide what we would like to bank, like delegate we say relegate in the memory bank. All trivia is non bankable.  To be frank the winner of KBC is a trivia king/queen nothing more than that. The page3, the serial are all non bankable for they create large wastelands. That jingle that refuses to let you alone, well sing it aloud as you write it down then flush it you know where, it will go right out. The fight you got into in the third grade over peanut butter sandwich that gets the delete too. If it bothers you too much call up the guy and give him a verbal haul, then forgive yourself for that.

Now that the space has been created you are free to bank just what you want and just what is relevant. But don’t leave the space open for poaching.

….in complete.


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