Ever been at that meeting where someone babbles  continuously, at the end of the speech the person says with this finish my few words, god if that were few words what would be a whole deal?

The conferences where people eat into the next speakers time, how many of us have been there.

The most painful of them all are those that write their speech out on the slides and read it out, believe me I have just fallen a sleep in many such presentations.

A speech should not just be sharing of information, but a sharing of yourself, — says Ralf Arc hold on speakers and speaking. On the same platform Jim Beggs adds—what we say is important in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart is full off.

we need to have the right pauses, the apt word, the nuances, the body language, a gamut that’s possible only when we speak from the heart.

Interesting is it not.

Many say they can deliver,

But only few can receive.

Lips flapping non-stop

Don’t believe

Ears maybe wide open

But the brain is shut closed.

The is excellent help online if you are interested  http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/ and http://beyondpowerpoints.com   are two of my favourites.

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