ImageSanjana the wife of Aditya the Surya, could not take his fury, she summoned her shadow, to replace her and hid from the wrath of the sun.

Be it the father, the tall tree, the shadow swallows all that enters in its realm. It could be the physical shadow, or the shadow of the persona, ask a son about emerging from the father’s shadow, somehow the daughter seem to flow out like Yamuna did, finding her own identity.

Everything we say, and do is the length and shadow of our soul, our influence is determined by the quality of our being, the true shadow that we cast. For every human being is only breath and shadow.

If the Ba of the egyptian mythology is the document of our experiences, so our secret identity or our true name, where the dark and light of the human soul resides, the Sheut  is the shadow cast by it, be it the dark all-consuming physical shadow or the impact of our deeds, our thoughts casting its shadow as results.

A human being is only breath and shadow.

Somewhere I think we have not given Chaya her due,beware a man who casts no shadow does not exist.

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