we.. the people..corruption.

Our No counts but do we say NO?

We the people the sovereign democratic republic, are we sovereign?

Well I guess the staff of Rajadhani seem to think so.

I got into Rajdhani at udupi and got off at Margao, boarding was at 7 am, when I entered the train, the sheets of the previous occupant was still there. At 8.30 the pantry staff came with breakfast and newspaper. At Karwar around 10 ish he came with a mid day drink, and 10.05 staff no.3 appears asking for people who are getting of at Margao, at 10.10 staff no.2 returns asking us for tips!

I was furious, but I paid 20/- chips since I did not know if this was part of railway hospitality or fundraising.

The staff tells me only twenty, there are three of you. This was not a reference to my physical appearance, but to two other occupants, i told him well I was alone.

I could not figure out what he was asking the tip for?

  • For folding the previous passenger’s sheets
  • For serving breakfast?
  • For serving the mid morning drink?

Well I have no business to say I support Anna Hazare, when I have given that 20/bucks meekly, what was I scared off? Of being called stingy? Of not being served next time?

What annoyed me was the fellow demanding it as his right.

The next day my husband returned from Kurukshetra a friend of his travelled to Pune, the guy was fuming that he had a wait-listed ticket his number was 5, he said the person at the counter cheated him, by saying he would get a berth, well how does a supposedly educated intelligent person accept such improbability, maybe people did not cancel.

His next grouse was I was willing to pay the TT 1000/Rs but he gave the berth to another passenger who was a woman and who got in at the next station.

Well and we support Anna Hazare,

We the people are so sick with corruption, we fail to even recognize it, the tip we give the gas delivary boy, the tip to the pantry staff of rajadhani, the way we let them get away with it, we are also encouraging black money,

Oh! It goes right up to the minister, the poor guy will be penalized otherwise, these are all excuses we tell ourselves.

4 Replies to “we.. the people..corruption.”

  1. very true.. this happened to me also.. but i told him that i wont pay, and he murmured something and left the place. but i am forced to tip when i go to restaurant or get new gas cylinder, and to nurse in hospital so she doent prick me very hard.. 😦

    1. The gas, tip is huge racket, You can let the gas company know or the consumer forum but be prepared for snide remarks from your neighbors, and reluctant service from the gas company.
      what we have done here is we go by the printed bill, if they ask for more we tell them to put it on the bill at the end of the month all the altered bills were submitted to Indane with a notice from the consumer forum.

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