Crown Prince??

ImageIsn’t India supposed to be a sovereign democratic republic where people choose their representatives?

Well the media and congress seem to take it for granted we are dynastic, after Indira the crown prince Rajiv, after him the widowed queen mother Sonia waiting in the wings the heir apparent.

Salman Khurshid’s inundations in his politically correct interview is being debated about without as much as raising an eyebrow or questioning Rahul’s credentials and the role of nepotism and dynastic rule in a sovereign republic..!

The power play is so obvious, the parasitic pratibha patil, the dumb manmohan singh, it’s we looked beyond keeping up with the American Jones

Democracy within the political party, is not possible obey your leaders we are sticklers of the Ramayana a trend set by the “Mahatma Gandhi” himself remember the Ram Rajya and hey raam, and asking Sardar Patel, Jinnah and Bose to make way for his fancy Nehru?

Rahul Gandhi the next generation leader, it’s like Prince Charles being Prince of whales in his sixties, a 40+ Rahul is an age where his peers are worried about their kids career choices!

With a panel of academic nabobs, who flaunt western degrees, some authentic and some not so authentic, Mr.Khurshid’s makes it quite clear that without a semi-literate Sonia congress is incapable of running itself, then what about running a country?

  • Come out of an economic crisis, Sonia needs to nod, what makes her nod, well ask the pastor.
  • Economic reforms slowed down
  • Political roadblocks

All scream of lack of a visionary leadership.

What Khurshid says is Sonia is the leader; the leadership and the Prime minister can only run the country as much as he is allowed! This is the highest elected office. Does it sound familiar?

Let’s look at Rahul’s credentials,

  • Literacy 39% at Amethi, national literacy is65%
  • Population below poverty line Amethi around 50%
  • Access to electricity 15% of the population,
  • Development fund used in Amethi 5.86% of the allotted 3.06 crore.

His performance in the parliament:

  • 47% attendance. Average attendance is 77%
  • Questions raised zero
  • 1 parliamentary debate attended as opposed to the average 15.6
  • Invisible on the political motivated grass root fraternizing in congress ruled states.
  • Very visible, media feeding patronising campaign at rural areas of non congress states

So what now, where can we as citizens take responsibility.

  • Get involved in the place where you are staying the Panchayat, the municipal meetings.
  • Find who the hell is vying to represent you and would you like to be represented by such a person?
  • When in doubt there is RTI


2 Replies to “Crown Prince??”

  1. in a country where family owned businesses are a norm…this comes as no surprise. Politicians are but a mirror to society…after all ‘bade baap ki aulaad aise hi nahin bola jaata’ 🙂

  2. well said Parwati.. with all the drama, now there is new drama for presidential election.. these people are capable of anything for themselves and nothing for country.

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