personal universe

ImageWe have all heard, of the atma and Paramtma. God made us in his model.

For me these concepts manifested as the construction of atom and the parallel in the solar system.

People of ancient faiths including Vedic Hinduism, lived in a spiritually alive from horizon to horizon where spirituality was a dimension of every manifestation.

This spiritual manifestation was the God/Goddess the Egyptians called it Neter, Netcher in Greek Netjer in Coptic Christianity and finally manifested as nature in English.

The ancient belief, in the unfathomable depth and power of the inner universe of humans that had the power to co-create. Writing, painting, are all manifestations of the co-creative power. Most ancient languages have multi-manifesting words so their pronunciation and context become very important in empowering them.

Discovering this personal universe is very simple follow the path of the shaman. Name objects that inspire, you now experience the tactile aspect the smell, the texture, aroma, sound and taste.  If your inspiration is abstract it would still have a tactile trigger that empowers that.

Try discovering your personal universe. If you have challenges with this you just need to meditate a while. If you are like me then meditating becomes a challenge try the morning pages, that is three pages to be written in long-hand uncompromisingly. You will find your pattern.

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