A Holly-Holiday.

A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work. ~Morris Fishbein

India – Sights & Culture – Tourism Slogan

This was 1980 we decided to go to Kashmir as family I mean the great Indian family. My cousins, their cousins from their mom’s side the group was of I think about 15 if us, bookings made and everyone in great spirits.

We reached Madras, (now known as Chennai) and Kashmir was declared war zone, it was unsafe to travel.

We decided to go sight seeing wherever we could through TTDC that is Tamilnadu tourism.

The first one was to Tirupathi, just as we were to leave for Tirupathi the cyclones hit. Tirupathi was so chaotic that doors that opened did not close and those that closed did not open. There was no water, no power, despite that we went to the temple.

From their it was Kodaikanal,Madurai,Palani, Kanchipuram.

Totally unplanned but, since TTDC did the arrangements they were in place and good.

I guess it was the unexpectedness of it all that made it fun.

To put it in vocabulary of my Padmasheshadari days, it was “jolly da”

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