Building a House

The House That Jack Built

Like Maya Angelou says the ache of home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can goas we are and not be questioned.

The home that I build will be on the river bank, it will be called the House of Hope. The center would house the fragrant Tulsi the rest of the house is a square round the Tulsi using the principles of Vaastu. Materials that are used are natural and ecofriendly. Solar energy provides the required energy and water is of course recycled.

The house continuously giving

Where the house filled with nature

The house filled with adventure

Anything can survive

With the nature it provides

Where the house filled with grass

The house filled with hedges, bushes and plants

Canopy trees be it rain or shine

Will be there for you at any time

Where the green house filled with fresh air

Will shelter you in the heavy rain

O the house of beauty

O the house of sound

So much variety is yet to be found –Sehar Zaman

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