Destination Unknown

get into the public transport bus, they want exact change, exact change? if they want exact change they have to drop me off the exact point that i wan

Public Transport

If public transport is available around my house would I use it? Asks plinky.

Yes I do.

Since the buses are convienient right from house to the workplace. In addition to my timmings being off the rush hour I get to sit. Without the stress of driving.

I love travelling by the ferry trawllers too, going across the river Mandovi, harmoniously with cars, bikes, and buses.

On days where I have lot of stops I hire a pilot, who are popular in goa and go about my work. I am free of road rage.

Public transport is a system of vehicles such as buses,trains, which operate at regular times on fixed routes used by public.

Different kinds of public transports are:

• Buses

• Trolleys

• Subway’s

• Commuter trains

• Street cars

• Cable cars

• Van pool services.

• Para transit for senior and disabled citizens (not available in India.)

• Ferrries and water taxis

• Monorails and trams.

get into the public transport bus, they want exact change, exact change? if they want exact change they have to drop me off the exact point that i want.

Some challenges for the public transport user:

• Timmings are not perfect, we may need to leave house earlier than required, and arrive later.

• To accomodate maximum passengers the routes tend to wind quite a bit. That again makes it time consuming.

• The get in and get out points will not be exactly where we want.

• Co-passengers could be loud and noisy.

• Sometimes even smelly.

• The drivers tend to be rash. And the conductors rude.

Advantage of public transport.

• It builds a community, of familiar strangers, sometimes it bonds beyond it.

• Lesser parking space would be required.

• Less road congestions, that means less road pops.

• Using public transport would mean a lower transport budget in the family finances.

Use of public transport adds to employment, and revenue for the state at something like Rs.1 invested by the govt. Gets a return of Rs.4/-

Challenge particularly in India:

We have been left with a heritage collection of buses by the Brits, we have not added to it. The public transport industry is melee run by Govt. Public transport that refuses to transport, and Private transport services that transport us to destination unknown.

Over the last ten years,

• Overcrowded buses

• Eve teasing, .. nah Adam baiting is not worth it.

• Loud conversations of every tom-dick and harry, on board

• The fisherwoman and the guy who has not had a bath for years.

• The pan eater and the pan spewer.

• Autoriskhaw’s who refuse to drop you to your destination or over charge you.

• Lack of prepaid taxi’s

Over the last 10yrs India has seen a movement of car purchase from 2.4 lakhs to 5.62 lakhs, while two wheeler buys have shot to 10 lakhs from 2.31. this could explain a lot of chaos created on the infra-structure.

Of course one does argue that there is an revenue increase for the government with increased car sales, and an additional employment avenues like service industries, tyre industries all fourish.

Yet at the end of the day, I would recommend a good public transport system and drastic cut down in personl vehicles this would bring down parking problems, road pops, road rage murders, pressure on depleting resources. Etc.

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