Eternal puzzle

No Law or ordinance is mightier than Understanding — Plato

Image Lake

how do you solve a problem called Maria,

asked the nuns of the Lord, when Maria landed at the convent. They seem to be talking of me too.

three things that I will never understand is I_ME_MYSELF it is a single minded obsession.

When I write about the hero's journey, his quest and adventure, I feel it is a journey parallel to understanding the self.

LaoTse says the power of intuitive understanding protects us until the end of my days, but where does one summon this power of intuitive understanding?

It isn't until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are not necessarily a religious, but a deep down spirit one– that you can begin to take control.

Ah! this means I am absolved from being a control freak, I am only training to be one, 🙂

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