"mdwt ntr" (god's words).

Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken.

Orson Scott Card

British Museum: Hieroglyphs

Browsing through what Possessions could mean,

Of all the act or fact that I possess, the most treasured one to me is the ability through the beautiful things that adorn the world. But personal possession I should hesitate, it would take my liberty away and ensure that I would serve the it, you know care taking and more. Does that mean I treasure my freedom the most?

Though being possessed the Thoth the God of words, (in his whimsical moods) is another treasure that I possess it gives me a unique sense of humour.

The ownership of my Asterix comic collection or my Hercules Poi rot collection another of my possessions.

Legal possession of things is actual holding or occupancy, either with or without rights of ownership, fortunately I own none of these other than my wits, about which I am truly witless.

Of all the manifestations of the word possessions, the most treasured possessions I own are unspoken thoughts and unuttered words.

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