On the road — a Checklist

Its quite easy to find your way across India,using The Shetty-Udupi hotels the way navigators use stars– with apologies to Charles Kurt

Sri Badrinath Temple

A road trip—

That’s what we are planning all the way to Badrinath.

A road trip is essentially a journey via automobiles, sometimes impromptu; it could involve some spiriting activity.

Before come into to the checklist of must have let me go through the stages of deciding what the must have’s are.

• Where are we going on the trip?

• When are we going?

• How long are we going?

• Who are our travel companions?

Very often travel instead of broadening the mind merely lengthens conversation!

A road trip needs to be planned well in advance. With at least a list of 10 places that we could like to see,

The next phase would be deciding the stop over’s, after which the travel breakers as a continuous journey might be difficult. These would depend on the travel companions.

The checklist would be then under the following titles.

• Essentials

• Safety

• Cleanups

• Boredom busters

• Extras

I would first put out the clothes and these would be decided on the availability of washing felicity during the trip. Things like:

• Tickets and bookings

• Automobile papers and coins for toll gates etc.

• Identification papers, emergency contact numbers

• Coins

• Cell phones with recharge vouchers.

• Water preferably cooler

• Medicine chest with prescription drugs, roadside first aid kit, general first aid kit, tablets for travel sickness.

• Toiletry, detergent for clothes.

• Flash light, emergency sewing kit. A nylon chord

• Wet wipes, paper towels, toilet papers.

• Trash bags

• Laundry bag, preferably a bucket which can double up if need arises

• Books for reading, and notebook for travelogue,

• Camera.

• CD with music of each traveller’s choice.

At the end of it all I would decide the size of the travel bag. Put in half the clothes I kept out and hopefully double the budget. 

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