I can remember soundtracks that you just can't separate from the film – It's just so intertwined, so important. Like the Hitchcock ones where they kind of inform each other and become this larger thing as a result.

Jonny Greenwood


Indian movies still follow the path charted by Bharat Muni the Seer of Indian dramaturgy. Our movies are accompanied by songs, with soulful lyrics at times and at times utter cacophony

The 1980 movie called Silsila which was about confused romantic relationship is one movie that stayed.

The locales were exotic, the hero quixotic, lead lady idiotic, muse romantic.

The lyrics by poet Javed Akhtar were very passionate and the music set by Shiv-Hari was ethereal.

Of the English movies it was Saturday night fever, with its great songs and dances.

Sound of Music is another all time favorite when it comes to soundtracks.


ABBA the movie fighting for credits.

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