The armchair traveller

“Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year.” – Unknown

Thailand 23

Make a list of all countries I visited! Well thats tough

Countries I visited through the course of life travel,

Our skill that we use sends us to different markets.

These markets make the towns we traverse, and towns travelled create countries. Only when we get old and can no longer travel, these countries sit in our head like artifacts.

In retrospect this is a long winding journey leading to nothing, beautiful along the way it once entyced us to travel but not for ever.

A time comes when we have nothing more to sell — probably we have seen too much—bowed to too many gods heard too many people swear by them. Our judgements and sancturies gone, enough for other travelers to notice and get scared.

It maybe better to stop before we loose our way. For the tracks have disappeared into sands, those tracks are those who lost their souls so you need to return home.

The baazaars are still there, others are buying and selling, goods have changed with time and new merchants grow up to serve new goods that are vended.

But the winds that roar over the mountains, the seas that crash the rocks, the warmth of the winter Sun,treading on the dew sprayed grass aren’t these experiences enough?

From the planes of illusion I travel countries through the eyes of the story tellers, The ancient towns of Egypt, the bustling modern world of Usof A a wasted power of england, the romance of scotland, the mystic home coming of the east. I travelled them all.

But the honest truth is I have only one name:

THAILAND~the only time I left home to go abroad.

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