whats the bet

forget lottery bet on yourself instead.

DOOM Lottery Machine

Have I bought a lottery ticket? Have I ever won it?

Yes to the former and No to the later.

The only time I did win a lottery, I had lost the ticket so I could not claim it.

Lottery as the dictionary explains it,

• Is a state sponsored gambling where money is raised for development?

• Some charitable purpose in which large numbers of tickets are sold and the winner is chosen drawing a ticket out.

• Any scheme for the distribution of prize by chance.

The word is believed to have originated from 1560-70 Dutch.

There are many sites online that guide us to choose the winning numerical combination.

Once the lottery is won, if it is government sponsored then payments are made partially as bonds, and as systemic payment over the year and taxes are deducted with each cheque. Many people opt for a lump payment preferring to do their own investment.

Though it all sounds great, taking the advice of a financial advisor to invest lump sum money etc. I know for a fact that chances of my winning a lottery are the same whether I buy a ticket or not!

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