Writing Music

Quarter and eighth notes on a score

Have I written my own music or song lyrics?

Yes, out of sheer need.

I need the music of nature, to sustain the lyrics sing the story of my life, who better than me can pen either or score the perfect note?

There are times when charecters require to express through outpourings that sound poetic, having form and musical quality.

If one could state what one had to say in words then there would be no need to bother with music, and musical scores.

Musical score, as an art of sound, that expresses idea’s, or establishes the background, sometimes even supports the stagework. These scores generally lend to rhythm and harmony afterall I am a movement teacher.

My true confession is I don’t really do the composing, I let the music director do it I only provide the scene, movement and final approval.

Though my gut feeling is very few people really listen and follow lyrics.

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