School … and peace prevails.

ImageI am looking at all those back to school articles.

Being a child at home alone in the summer is a high-risk occupation.  If you call your mother at work thirteen times an hour, she can hurt you.  ~Erma Bombeck ask my kids they’ll vouch for its verity.

A friend of mine was envying   me, assuming that with my kids moving on college and high school, I did not have back to school madness anymore. I wanted to tell excuse me, it’s not just me my mother has them for daughters call her up about their books, their files and God knows what!.

The new term, comes with new season requirement, new books new work clothes, and hell hath no fury let loose than old clothes to be discarded.

I did run the basic schedule like raincoat…the umbrella… lunch box, files, pencils pen but I still seem to run a mad Hatter’s party with new schedules, and lunchtime. My back to school rescheduling involves one university teaching husband, one medical school alleged adult, one high school heroine. So yeah!! its drama time.

My daughter in the medical school calls me up asking me to pick up text books for her since my hometown is a med school town. My younger one wants her 5 subjects note-book and post it’s!

Now that I am back trying to find a home for the new and a new home for the old, I have started with three bags, junk-store and keep to place. No doubt I got the junk sorted out, but arrival at the final destination well the time track is lost.

I no more have to worry about whether they have their raincoat, Winchesters whatever, but I still have to worry about the decongestants, dress code, balance the dress code with the current fashion. Make peace with my out of the world Aquarian aesthetics with square in the square requirement of all establishments!

Oh! Yes, the bus passes the backpacks, the hidden water bottle pouches, and lunchbox compartment. The monsoon friendly footwear the list is endless.

Though what I did discover over the years, fortunately for me before my daughter hit the 5th grade, was that the back to school sales and the anticipatory lists that we efficiently create and shop is nothing but waste to time, money and energy. Once the school starts, the school puts up its list, and even the source where you can pick it up from, the flow is less stressful and holidays are holidays instead of pre-term-planning time.

Next time you see a back to school sale SKIP IT. Take a deep breath and enjoy your holiday.

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