with Maroof Raza


Was the topic of discussion at ICG to me Maroof Raza was a name in on the television.

But it was a great session. The hall being packed. No I should say choked.

Mr.Raza was candid, and his sense of humour is priceless. I shall just share what I did get from the talk.

He took us through the journey, the historic and current scenario of the partition.

The seed of the great divide being sown in 1932 by a forgotten revolutionary .

The Brits wanted a buffer between Russia and india to ensure that the Russian cousin would stay put where he was.  Jinnah was choosen as the beacon of Pakistan simply because the then Aga Khan supported him.

The creation of the Indian constitution based on the act of 1935 govt. Of india act, actually the president replaced the king, prime minister stayed same, and counties replaced by state  worked as a starting point, while Pakistan remaind lost.

The logic was muslim Pakistan, and a non-muslim India. While Pakistan was to remain secular somewhere  theologist took over. The next factor was the decision of the princely states.

The man who takes the credit for this ridiculous system is a gentleman called Cyril. Not only was he ignorant of nuances of the hindu-muslim psyche he also suffered from delhi-belly so he just refered to the census map and divided the country as it happens many villages got divided into  half. The process that need at least an year or two for smooth occurance got rushed within 6-8mnts. Albeit the elite of Lahore were quite anticipating this divide.

  • The interesting fact was no state opted for Pakistan.
  • There were states with muslim population and hindu rulers and visa-versa.
  • Junagadh royality opted for Pakistan post aug.14th
  • Hyderabad, wanted to go to Pakistan but geographic restrains were clamped.

The UN  resolution on Kashmir incidently is in favour of India despite the Brits wanting Kashmir to be acceded by Pakistan. The resolution says.

  • There shall be ceasefire
  • Pakistani troops will retreat

Indian presences remains by default.

Historically Kashmir has been secular, since the Monoesthic shaivaite religion blended well with Islam tenets. Pakistans concern was  the large border it shares with Kashmir, and the location of the water sources.

Interesting Plebiscite was not conducted

Where we as a country faltered when it comes ot Kashmir is that none of our talks include the Military officials. Our early denial of the existence of the problem. With Zia the trend from frontal attack came into infiltration and disrupting law and order.

Each time we want to be the good boys so we just back off.

Even after 26/11 we could have put our foot down and told the international community, choose India or Pakistan.



Recommened reading list by Mr.Raza

  • Rise and fall of great powers
  • Pangs of Proximity.
  • UN Kashmir resolution
  • Shimla resolution
  • Cartograph By B.G.varghese.
  • Saichen-Lt.General Raghavan
  • Sir creek border—Vice admiral Kushva.
  • Confronting terrorism.

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  1. Well articulated pointers in your write up, Parwati. Just correct the spelling of Siachin in the recommended reading list by Maroof. Keep up the wonderful work.

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