begging for attention

printed letter distributed by a beggar

When the railways entered  the Konkan region, i remember my great uncle PN Ananthakrishna Rao who had told us, that don’t think railway will be bring any benefits, the adverse effect is greater.

With increase connectivity the coastal towns have lost their greatest pride, we had no beggars, whenever we saw beggars we could be sure that they were from Tamilnadu. The hermaphrodites also existed as part of the population with no gender issues.

Over the past year, what I observe is the increased number of beggars, particularly young women between 18 to 25 years, well dressed, ironed clothes and matching accessories in place, trendy pouches and printed plea letters infest the train.

I see them in conversation with the railway pantry staff, the police. But no one stops them, not even other passengers when someone does raise a voice fellow passengers sneer and cluck, observing ”what a unfeeling snob,” but I do not see for the life of me why should such vagrants be entertained.

The hermaphrodites are the new threats along the coast. Unless we pull up our socks,  our very identity will be threatened.

The most interesting part is that the stationmaster, ticket collector, the railway police none of them are willing to accept a written complaint.

4 Replies to “begging for attention”

  1. Arpit, try offering them a job, they don’t want it. As for job creation that is the sad part, we are not trained for the jobs available. We also have the great knack for wrong skill, we assume bigger the degree better performance. which is waste of resources and creation of false dignity.

  2. job creation has not been able to match growing population, begging has come up as easy alternative. For me, beggars are not to blame much. The are just trying to feed their children. Given chance and better opportunities, just like us, they too would like to make an honest living.

  3. good observation if the TT station Master is not willing go to the higher staff of Konkan railway with a CC of ur letter to the above Also mention that this could/may be a security risk in these time of terrorism
    mention also the TT & S master refused to take a written complaint hence this mail u can lodge a complaint by email as now almost major depts r computer savvy
    But make sure you have the correct train No & time departure from /to destination

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