It is Krishna janmashtami at my hometown.

Suddenly I see our elaborate family network and our roots in place.

My  near seventy mother has donned her super cape, and make all the goodies that are to be made, the 5 types of laddoo, and chakkuli and the works. She has then put them into the take away containers from various hotels, meticulously collected for this reason.

I have another cousin who lives in this part of the world, her husband goes to our hometown for the festival, he is designated the task of seeing these are delivered to us, since he will be carrying this for us, my mom, gives her a token packet of goodies.

Since her husband will be in any case visiting us to deliver the goodies, her mom, and she send the stuff they have made. I am bad at these sweets, so I have them over for dinner so that we catch up with a little family stuff.

When I unpack the parcel I find two more, to be delivered to my cousins in Bombay  as my husband would be visiting them. How is it for a family courier system.

An interesting thing is until Ashtami, rains pour so all festivities are round eating. After which the festivals indulge in visual treats.

So guys, off I am to eat the goodies.






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