Travelling the Kangaroo Kountry what I read, I am but an armchair traveler. Planning a travel plan to more laborious than writing a travelogue.,

My Husband who is a PhD. in tourism management assures me that people travel either to satisfy the pioneer spirit or for ancestral worship. It could also be a pilgrimage to connect with ones inner self. He shares the opinion of Daniel Boorstin in saying “the traveler is active, he goes strenuously in search of people of adventure, or experience. The tourist is passive he expects things to happen to him. He goes ‘sight-seeing

Even my knowledge of the Australian culture is what I have read from other writer like Andrew Bogut who says “In Australian culture people are just more laid back, people aren’t as serious, and they just take their time with things. It’s like whatever; if I don’t get it done I don’t get it done.”  From Agatha Christie’s books I imagine every one saying “coo” instead of hello, or whatever. My Mills and Boons reading conjures a picture of vast land, kangaroo hoping, and sheep farms, with no human habitation in miles.

The traditional tourism practise in Melbourne would be look at the streetscape, experience the cafe culture. There would also be some kind of architecture to view. The landscaped Melbourne parkland is another visual treat for people travelling from unkempt India. But I am not the traditional tourists; I am a meandering gypsy on backpack trail.

For me, it would be a pilgrimage of kinds, I would visit, and the operational eyesight universal hospital, visit an old friend called Ceil Rosenbaum. From there we would hit the trail beyond to the Yarravalley, of the wine cool climate of Australia. Maybe a drive along the great the southern tour route.

A destination I would like to really discover and explore is  a rock habitation or village somewhere in the outback of Australia, (I read about it in the Reader’s Digest). The trail of the Australian aborigines, the cult of the shamans.  I would like to learn the wisdom of their story tellers.

I don’t know but a summer Christmas and onset of New Year when the rest of the world is stale seems a great idea.

So does the trail of the Aborigines.

6 Replies to “Travelling the Kangaroo Kountry”

  1. Aren’t we all meandering gypsies in our minds? Liked the out-of-the-box and unconventional treatment of a topic that will have posts that are stereo-typed. Liked the post.

    Sangita Passey

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