self limit

ImageGabriel my guardian angel is the angel for annunciation. He I feel has appeared to me in forms of women in at strange points in life.  It was as if, he kept telling me, I am not achieving my potential simply because I am limiting myself.

Coming to think of it, if I could accept God as my source of possibility instead of god being an external, controlling parent/authority I might be more powerful, no I will be more powerful.

We are stingy when we give or receive somewhere we feel our abundance is at the cost of depriving someone.

But we need to surrender to God, accept his gifts and omnipotence, and then abundance will flow. We only need to let it flow where it will, and not where we will it.

Believe me creativity is a spiritual issue.

  • What would you really do if money and faith was not an issue?
  • When truly blocked, figure what is that you are avoiding?
  • What step can you take to overcome it?
  • What makes you think that God is not supportive?

Expect your every need to met, expect the answer to every problem, expect the abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually ~Eileen Caddy.

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