festivals ahead.– ready reckoner

With Navarathri and Diwali round the corner how many of you are getting palpitations?

I am so this time I have pulled out an ancient cut out I had from the Savvy magazine.

Diwali  is basically a family time for togetherness and not an emotional and physical roller coaster happening. There are somethings one can do,

  1. Finish your clothes shopping and do whatever alternations that need to be done.
  2. Plan the diwali cleaning well ahead.  Check out the lamps, akashdeep, and other lighting.
  3. Leave cooking behind – sounds great doesn’t it , but does not sound very traditional. What works for me, is I have a menu in place and shop, maybe cheat on small things like picking up cut veggies from the market or Nestle’s dehydrated coconut milk. I know some friends who get the mitai made by the Halwai.  But once we have planned our menu things go fine.
  4. If you are getting your mitai done by the halwai then place the order well in advance.
  5. If you are into the tradition of travelling to the family home or for a family reunion ensure that your tickets are booked. Pack ahead so that your clothes and jewellery are in place for the events.
  6. You may need to pack some sweets to be shared there too.
  7. If you are having guest over then invite them well in advance and have an RSVP. In place.
  8. Check out stock of crockery, chairs, cold drinks and take away boxes for guests who come calling with sweets. Since everyone is busy with Ladoo and farsan I tend to make some bakery stuff just to break the monotony.




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