six hacks to manage time crunch

ImageWe all have the same 24hrs, how come some people manage to get a lot of things done in that 24hrs while some of us can’t. It’s about time management. With discipline ,plan and strategy it is possible.

Take time to plan:

That’s the first step. Do it religiously once a week, I do it on Saturday’s when I travel for 6hrs to my workshop. And i go strictly by my plan. once your plan is in place then work automatically carries along. Once we know what we want to achieve during the week, achieving it becomes easier.

Scheduling should be at least one week at a time

Some people tend to plan one day at time, but that could take the focus off, when we plan for the week we tend to be more proactive and we know the level of our commitments.

Identifying the Landmarks:

Think of a bucket, (Stephen covey has a great one)—put some sand, rock into it, sand is the busy work we have to do, like checking our mail, filing papers etc. While rocks are the important works that we have to do like our projects goal setting bucket is the totality of life expectation from us.

What we do is we fill up the day with sand and find no time for the rock, maybe we should put the rocks in first and then go for the sand.

Account 24/7

This does not mean work 24×7 but when you are planning a schedule include the Saturday and Sunday even though it is your day off. May be you can plan a Saturday dinner which would require cleaning up of the house on Friday evening or whatever.

Put in your personal and playtime.

These need to schedule, believe me even a romantic date has to be planned despite no, particularly if you are married for more than 5yrs. If you want a Friday off, block it. Else it won’t happen.

Leave some contingency time.”

Not everything will go as per schedule there might be an unexpected meeting or a breakdown so over cramming would be stressful.

What we are aim is to handle everything that is important to us. So once we plan we stick to it. All distractions have to eliminate so that we can stay focused. The productivity that happens is amazing.

Of course there is that unexpected unscheduled phone call or the unexpected guest.

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