citizens Journalism

The internet opens a vista, adventure,

Why do I say it?

It caters to every need, and every vacuum, of course it does take a toll, put the activity happens.

Look at the world of citizens’ journalism, which manifest as the vibrant Blog spheres. We have our readers, our fan following and our advertisers. My friend Prakash Kamat will have a fit when I say advertisers, but well they are the non-fattening cream on the cake.

So why citizen’s journalism?

  • Why not?
  • May be go on a historical excavation and try to find out when did journalism re-invent itself as a profession that demanded barriers for entry?
  • Because we have the freedom of speech in India, at least the journalists do.
  • But the most important reason would be that the depravation in the mainstream has created a need for alternates

More relevantly we need active citizens, this is neither a calling nor a profession, it is our membership card to the community we live in.

We have no doubt delegated the day-to-day running of the system to the people we elect, occasionally asking them for accounts, sometimes even clean up drains, ensure pathways, erect boundaries so on and so forth. But it is essentially there to carry our will not the visa versa, it becomes our responsibility to see that this is honoured and that is possible only when we are active citizens.

Being a responsible citizen is one of the roles we need to perform daily like being a good parent, child and whatever. We as citizens have a stake, we need to share the good that happening and create awareness of anything amiss.

It’s not about racking muck, or heralding a change,

Citizen’s journalism is all about speaking up. Ideas, information, stories of the community that we live in. It’s about keeping each other informed such that a common god will ensue. These exchanges let us gage the change and progress, it’s about where we are doing well and where are we letting ourselves down.

Citizen’s journalism is about swapping stories, good, meaningful and swapping it on our terms in our language.

Welcome citizens of sovereign democratic republic India.


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