Arnav plays Mark Anthony

Arunav goswami, the toughest competitor Ms.Bak-Bak Dutt has! And all his colleagues running the national debates have to be congratulated.

Look at this the country is rampant in corruption; Mallya is still the gallant hero!!

Kalmadi get caught with his pants down, but his re-entry is side-stepped

Well let me not go there; let’s look at the latest storm.

Data available

  • Kejriwal and his team are on a mission to clean diagnose and cure a national self-destructive disease called corruption.
  • Whathisname Beni Prasad suffers from terrible foot-in-mouth disease and makes a comment “when you are making a fuss why pick on 71 lakhs go for 71 crores a scam worthy of a union minister.”

The discussion goes on various planes, instead of whether Mr.Khurshid is corrupt or not a gentle man whose name I don’t recall from the minority community rushed to his rescue.

Even if we were to take Beni Prasad on the face value of his statement what occurs to me is that he could be saying, that “Please dig a little deeper there are bigger scams” it could be an acceptance of corruption existing within the system. It can be constructed as a confession of a congressman of a kind.

Maybe he was acknowledging the crab in the congress system.

What came across to me in the entire debate was

  • Arunav Goswami ‘s task was to make people forget the activist that Kejriwala is /was and turn him into a less threatening just another politician with no name.
  • Arunav Goswami ‘agenda two was to circumvent the corruption issue, and make it a personality war.
  • Robert Vadra gets a whole lot of negative publicity, so possibly he is an inmate of the Bigg Boss house in the next season.

Where do we as citizens take a stand? 

4 Replies to “Arnav plays Mark Anthony”

    1. Well said. If you don’t agree with Digvijay Singh, then who will you agree with? Say hi to Robert-ji. Can you get me a discount on a flat? I would be very grateful.

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