October 16th

Todays meeting started of with a Bang!
The theme was “Ice Breakers” and we did have all 3 speakers Tm. Swaran, Tm. Adrian and Tm. Viresh doing their icebreakers.
We opened the session with a Game. The objective was to share Nicknames with the person sitting to the left. All the toastmasters participated and in turn broke the ice further with New and Veteran Toastmasters alike. It was a great initiative by the host Toastmaster Ashley Lobo.
The fun didnt stop there. To surprise us further TM Ashley, played clips from the favorite songs of the speakers as part of their introductions. These initiatives were unique and unprecedented. TM. Ashley kept the meeting lively and entertaining throughout, playing a perfect host.
The Table Topics master, Tm. Urvita, too played her part well, calling in 2 out of the 3 guests and well thought of situations for the Table Topics round. As part of the feedback it was suggested Table Topics masters hence will try and involve as many as 8 participants to keep involvement as high as possible.
Tm. Lavina, played the role of the Ah-Counter with punny warnings (Ah-ful and Ah-some) about use of filler words. Her explanation of her role and report thereafter won her the Best Role player award. She was also appreciated for Designing and organizing the name tags with the new TM logo for all the TMs.
Tm. Nuroddin, was a ‘Green Horn’ (word of the day) in the timers role. His reports were clear and concise. As a suggestion, a detailed explanation of the timing was called for.
The club ex-comm was lauded for having all the members wearing their DPC pins. A great way to display the ‘Badges of Honor’.

“The listeners role was played to perfection by Tm. Adolf who caught on phrases from most TMs. in the room.
The Best Dressed TM was awarded to Green Horn, TM. Swaran Singh. “
(End of Evlauation)


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