Sometimes I wonder if a little luxury could help us over come our artists block.

A little pampering what exactly it is would of course vary for each of us.  For me it was my toastmasters.

Lack of time, funds, other “more important” priorities tend to pop up. but these are never really authentic blocks. The actual block is our sense of contriction—a sense of feeling overpowered, that renders us powerless,  our art allows us self-care.

When i say luxury it is not about  cars or penthouses, it is about that little time to indulge and love life. It is not about having no pass time activity, it is about not having time for it.

We are so caught up with things,

As for me, I am at a spot where I am not even sure what my concept of luxury is. For most of luxury is a learned process, and when we don’t indulge in it we kind of become artist Cinderella.

Somewhere the artist is  youngster and requires “my space” so creating a my space in time becomes important, my space—my book—my pillow they all become relevant.

It is a bit silly, but the paradox is serious creativity emerges from silly play.

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