work the plan

Yash chopra is no more.

May he rest in peace.

What reminded me of him, is what people have to say about him is the infalliable way he worked. Apparently he had a story that he wanted to tell. He decided that he would tell it on a date, that would be the day of the movie release and worked the milestones to achieve it.

Ratan Thiyam says, he decides the day of production, and works backwards, he watches the dress rehearsals, gives last minute instructions and hands the production to the production manager after which he does not view the production. He says that way he does not tamper himself. He is free to move on to the next production.

As Gopal Sarma my coach at the Landmark forum says, yesterday’s breakthrough is today’s ego trip and tomorrow’s break down. Let me tweak it a bit, yesterday’s achievement is today’s laurel’s wreath and tomorrows garbage.

These dictums help us handle the blocks, the hurdles and obstacles. It would be very easy for Mr.Chopra to work without a plan when the project is complete he could declare a release date.  But with this plan of working our tag line would be how and what next instead of can I and why me. 

Sometimes when in when down I go pick up a sketch pad and a flower for myself.






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