Three tree

ImageThe number three always fascinated Akshar, the primordial triangle emerging from the union of oneness and duality.  The magic of three seem to emerge everywhere.

The Hindu thought talks of Kaya, vaacha, manasa, the body mind and soul, the Vedic Gods, Agni vayu varuna, the fire air and water, the later hindu icons Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara. Things came in three.  He remembers studying Nicholas Roerich who spoke of the unity of body, mind and spirit, the trinity. The past- present and future, enclosed in a ring of eternity manifesting in art, science religion as if entrapped in a cultural circle. On his trip to Beijing he had seen the oldest of the Indian symbols the chintamani, composed in of this symbol, in the temple of Heaven. The three treasures of Tibet, the crusaders shield, the Gurda swords of the Japanese nobility also showed this imagery of three.

ImageAkshar had shared it with Sarah, who was into alternate healing, spirituality and whatnot,

“Know something?” she asked, this question bothered him “know what!?” was his stock answer,

“Well three appears as a symbol in several philosophical systems.” The images of Gasser Khan, on the “Tamga ” of Timulane, coat of arms of cities like Samarkand, Ethiopia  rocks of Mongolia, Buddhist banner and a huge list of things.”

“Thank you sweetie I just need to google trilogy/triad whatever/”

Celtic art composes in sets of three,” Naguesh the art ask in charge shared, “remember that painting of Minerva, Cornucopia, with fruit, animal and child? Interesting  huh!”

“Oh! Yes the oak, ash and thorn the faery triad of trees, hey faeries live where they grow together.”

Faries what crap”

“Okay here it is form the encyclopaedia, Celtic shamanist viewpoint the number three represents the different views on developing an initiation ceremony. The past present and future. The shaman stood in all the three worlds at the same time. “

“I don’t know about that, yaar Akshar, but Celtics were definitely preoccupied with three, here three Brigids, the Celtic goddesses,”

“Actually Celtic stories also talk of three challenges to the hero, heroes completing three different legs of a journey, whatever.”

“why are we talking about Celtics, what about the Greeks three fates, three furies, three gorgons, Cerberus the three headed dog, the tripod of Apollo, and if not three they went to multiples of three, nine muses and twelve Olympians. What fun,”

Hey someone had chimed in, “let’s go global”that was the boss’s new tag line.

“Trimester, trilogy, trident,”

Thinking about it, Akshar realized that triangle was the first geometric image,  so that made it solid, real, substantial and complete. So number three meant completion. How simple it was,

“We have had an epiphany haven’t we buddy “Ptah again, “let me complete the conversation of the magical three, god’s attribute, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. Time is divided into past present and future, thought word and deed the sum of human capabilities, three in grammar expresses all relationship of mankind. A proposition gets complete with subject, predicate and copula, the proposition of an argument? Major premise, the minor and the conclusion. Our idea of matter encompasses the mineral, vegetable and animal. By the way this emerged from a conversation, how about harnessing it.”


4 Replies to “Three tree”

    1. looks like I have to read the novel.
      Thanks for the visit and the comment. though infected mind is kind of baiting a doctor with counselling training. 🙂
      Yes, all numbers, alphabets, phonetics have importance in hinduism, I recollected this my mom is a math teacher she keeps throwing this stuff up

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