travel tense

ImageRemember those nail biting movements in Hindi movies, of course when we were young it was the train, now it is the plane.

I had the great opportunity to experience it.

Maybe at time life is out to tell us something. I never in conscious life scrap through when I am travelling, if my travel is at 10pm I am at the station at 9.30pm latest. My bags would have been packed 9.30pm previous day, with tickets change and things in their respective slot.

This weekend of the self-expression and leadership program was great. I actually took at 6am train, and holy heavens the train was on time.

Session over  I actually offered to take one of the participants shopping my daughters will faint out of shock for another no no for me. My wardrobe it tired simply because I hate shopping.

Another whopper was on its way, instead of the train to VT i was on a train bound to churchgate. And at 9,45 we were at Marine lines, my train to Margao was at 10pm. Holy heavens. I remembered Asma telling me you ask and you get it.

I took a deep breath I told myself, “Buddy you’ll make it to the train .”

At churchgate drama act II the cabbies refuse to go, with the cops help I did manage to get one.

In the true hindi movie style I dashed past to the platform 15  by this time my throat parched and I had begun feeling sandpaper, the change that the cabbie gave me, was just clenched in my fist, I was panting, visibly and at the back of my mind the bell rang on saying I needed to get fit,the only visual that was affront was the nightmare of a receding train off the terminus. Hallelujah  what I caught an official on the walkie talkie he tells me since Nov.1st the train timing is 10.15

—if you thought it was anticlimax sorry buddy picture abhi bakhi hai.

I go to the TT and he says my reservation is not there. Act III   now it is panting, puffing mumbling and almost breaking into tears,”But I have an RAC ”

The younger TT goes,”mam if it is RAC just get into the train we’ll sort this out,”

The train just began chugging, the TT pushed my baggage up and I hauled myself. 15mnts and a bottle of water later the TT (younger one) tells me “madam internet ka ticket hai naa”  I said ye,

“to aap apna PNR number 139 sms karein ” I followed his instruction I get the message

“status upgraded RS439                ”  the TT tells me, “message teek nahi hai, it is an RAC ticket, seat number 39 in the S4 coach, the R  is upgradation from RAC to reserved.”

Whew, by 11 I was seated honourably, downed an another half liter of water and woke up next morning.

Guess what the train was on time this time round too.

At the end of the day I am glad I stood by my conviction and attempted to get on the train instead of returning like it was suggested to me.

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