travel trivia.

Image If you thought the tense travels drew a curtain down with boarding the train, well alighting was another story.

The train chugged into Thivim just visualize a scene with the sun just rising, the mist beginning to dissolve, the platform looking like a staircase that emerged through the mist. A blue  glad Konkan railway caterer walks by with samosa’s and I look at the time, it was 6 something, the train was on scheduled but Thivim as far as I remember was not a scheduled stop.

Getting off at Thivim was no doubt tempting but transport well, I snuggled right back into my non-existent bed and pulled the sorry dupatta that I was using as a cover sheet sometime the train began moving and guess what it halted at Karmali just 15mnts away from home instead of the 35mnts from the scheduled station.

Karmali is a station I love vast expanse of marshland on one side and the agricultural research centre on the other. But I had forgotten I was back in Goa, transport is a challenge here.

The cabbies are swindlers, pilots more so, rickshaws are bullies. Anyway the whole lot of us must be twenty odd, trotted out to the bus top hoping to get into a bus, we missed that one bus and for the next one hour it was wait on the wayside.

One by one the travellers left, walking the No-car-park.

But when the going gets tough the tough eat chocolates,

It was time for the Oscar performance, of course with IFFI happening, and If-nothing happening the Old Goa fest was, people were kind of vulnerable to these performances.I popped one pulled open my neatly tied hair and did it again with an elastic that made it look very untidy, drunk from an empty bottle of water and thumbed a lift, two bikes went by the third one was the good Samaritan,

He offers to drop me to Old Goa

Guess what buddy, it’s the old Goa feast so traffic is diverted, and buses are not plying in full numbers, oh! Bloody oh! Blooda life goes on and on tralala goes on, fortunately for me, there was one bus that was on the siphoned track, he took me aboard and I reached Panaji,  from there it was curtain for the weekend’s adventure.

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