ImageJohnny T,Uy.DTM

Is a Toastmaster but before that he is the personal of the Philippine national police.

I came a cross an interview with him, and the police I realized was  more than Bobbie with funny hats and stick in their hands. They were the why me and you slept peacefully at night. The good cop, the bad cop, the glam-cop they are all hero’s and anti-hero’s but the real ones are the unsung heroes.

“the life of a police officer involves not only the ability t handle a firearm to suppress crime but also the skill to rally people behind you—police officers and civilians alike to fight criminality.”Johnny says. Day in and day out the police is the instrument who delivered good and bad news.  Unfortunately as Philippine National police chief Arturo Lomibao says “few high ranking policeman have the ability to express themselves well simply because they are not really trained for that.”

somehow we never think of police as communicators or people with whom we share our concerns, we only look at them as some kind of bullies who we pay to keep other bullies off the street maybe  giving them a little dignity , not glorifying or gorifying just acknowledging what they do and what they stand for might bring that transformation.

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